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Payroll can help you build your business. We also provide one of the most intimate ways to work with small businesses as well. Whether it’s providing payroll or tax guidance, helping employees save, or via insurance products, we touch every type of business and employee at a core level, through the flow of payroll dollars.

Needless to say, our business model fosters incredible synergies. If you work for a bank, accounting service, or other business or financial services firm, let’s put our heads together and explore how we can help you grow your business even more!

Accountants & Bookkeepers

At Partners In Payroll, we are bringing the accounting community closer to their clients.

To do that we’ve built web-based payroll access, specialized reporting, and developed one of the industry’s most innovative partnering programs. As an accounting professional, you owe it your clients to speak with one of our client development managers or visit one of our process centers. Learn how Enterprise can bring you and your clients closer together.

There is a reason at Partners In Payroll!

  • Web Access
  • Specialty Reporting


A Better Payroll Model

Enterprise is designed to enhance your small business product cross-sell and DDA growth by providing integrated payroll, tax filing and employee benefits services to your customers. Enterprise offers the next generation of bank payroll, with a menu of approaches ranging from simple revenue sharing, to deeply branded, bank payroll offerings.

When creating a bank payroll solution, many banks simply default to referring customers to one of the traditional payroll players, who may not actually have the bank’s best interests in mind. In fact, they may have a greater desire to sell their own competing products to your clients, serving as a proverbial “fox in the hen house.”

Having led payroll programs for some of the nation’s largest financial institutions, Enterprise understands that you need a far better model. A model that is both controlled by you, and designed to enhance your small business strategy. Payroll provides the most intimate tie-in to small business money flows available today. Proper execution can allow you to drive DDAs as well as integrate retirement, workplace banking, tax, merchant services, direct deposit, stored value, cash management and insurance solutions to your customers and their employees far more effectively! Building the right model can increase customer stickiness, and introduce workplace marketing opportunities that may not have been possible otherwise.

Integrated Solutions

  • Payroll
  • Tax Filing
  • Employee Benefits
  • Pre-tax Plans
  • Retirement Services
  • Insurances
  • Employee Screening
  • Stored Value Cards

1099 Agents

A Better Payroll Model

Enterprise Payroll is actively seeking 1099 Agents who want to add another product to their sales arsenal and earn residual income for life of the account. Our flexibility allows us to work with you simply through a referral agreement or you can sell the account yourself!

  • High level of service for your trusted clients
  • Knowledgeable sales support providing timely answers
  • Little to no account management once the account is up and running
  • Additional products make your client more sticky
  • No minimums or quotas
  • No micromanagement
  • Revenue sharing with zero cost basis
  • Residuals paid monthly
  • Marketing pieces provided

Desired Industries

Merchant Services
Cash Advance
Alarm & Security
Pest Control
Print and Online Advertising
Food & Beverage