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Old Services:

Payroll Processing

Take advantage of the best value in the market (from 30%-50% off competitor prices) without sacrificing the services you currently have with at 2 year price lock. Partners In Payroll allows you to calculate real-time gross-to-net pay quickly and accurately, processing garnishments, paid time off and new hire reporting in minutes.

Employees want options. With Enterprise Payroll, you can offer choices no matter what size business you run. We make it easy to pay your employees with Direct Deposit, Paper Checks, or Payday Cards.

Offer your employees the pay option that works best for them and you. All of our pay options are a-la carte so you’ll know you aren’t being charged for “bundled” services that you aren’t using or want.

Along with options, employees require accuracy of their paycheck. Our expertise in payroll is why businesses trust us. Discover the difference that working with a dedicated customer service representative can mean to your payroll. Working with one highly trained specialist who understands payroll and your company’s needs means better customer service, fewer payroll errors and a better payroll experience.

Tax Administration

Avoid the hassles associated with tax administration with a comprehensive Enterprise solution: We handle local, state and federal taxes on your behalf, filing quarterly and annual reports and assuming liability for accuracy and timeliness so you can focus on your business instead of tax administration.

However, should you wish to pay the taxes yourself, Enterprise will provide you the calculations and alert you to when the payroll taxes are due. We offer that kind of flexibility to our customers!

Payroll Reporting

Get the information you need to make sound business decisions and provide your employees with full pay data with Enterprise Payroll reports. Standard reports include cash analysis reports, time sheets, tax liability summaries, vacation and time-off reports, check registers, department summaries, job/labor reports, general ledger reports and a variety of additional standard and customizable payroll reports.

Online Payroll

You bank online and buy online, isn’t it time you did your payroll online?

With Online Payroll payroll data entry just got a whole lot easier! You have access to your payroll data 24×7 with the convenience of the Enterprise Payroll team eliminating the hassle of payroll processing, tax payments, garnishments and benefits. Online Payroll couples your payroll data entry with employee maintenance so you have the ability to update addresses, departments, rates of pay, direct deposit, deductions and taxes for your employees as well as setup new employees with a single access point and log-in.

Online Payroll is encrypted with bank-grade security. Unauthorized users cannot access your data. Our clients have the ability to set up different levels of access for different levels of employees (managers, bookkeepers, admin,, etc.) so that information is provided on a “need to know” basis.

Online Reports

Online Report Writer

Need to manage department allocation while managing projects based time spent by employees? Online Employer has several dozen standard reports to manage personnel, benefit information or time and attendance. With our report writing capabilities, you can create custom reports on-line or export data into Microsoft Excel to send reports to your accountant or other 3rd party service providers that may not have access to your company information on line.

On Demand Report Writer

Eliminate filing cabinets and endless mounds of paper payroll reports with On Demand Report Writer!

On Demand Report Writer offers ultimate convenience at your fingertips. On Demand Report Writer is a reporting module that allows you to download a copy of every payroll report, check stub, W-2, 1099, earning record and payroll tax return processed for the period. You now have a complete historical copy of your payrolls electronically.

Regardless of the size of your payroll, On Demand Report Writer offers many conveniences. Even if you manage payroll for more than one organization, you can switch from one company to another with a click of the mouse. You can also search and sort your records by company, employee, or report type—making it easy to find the information you need, when you need it. You can even specify a certain date range to provide employee check history for a designated timeframe. Create PDF files of any payroll report or check stub and send them instantly to employees, accountants, tax authorities, and others who may need payroll information immediately. Best of all, there is no difficult setup or training needed to download payroll reports or checks online even for your very next payroll.

Benefits Include:

  • Replaces paper reports and eliminate extensive paper storage
  • Backup copy in case hardcopy reports are unavailable
  • Reprint W-2s, live checks, vouchers or reports right away and in your office
  • Annual from-to check history is available for any period, for any employee
  • Export information from On Demand Report Writer to a PDF file
  • Send a copy to your accountant or auditor at year end

Time & Attendance

Enterprise’s Time & Attendance tools provide a flexible way for you to automate work time records while offering integration with our award-winning payroll platform.

For most businesses, tracking the hours worked by employees and translating that into a payroll check can be a big task. Our time and attendance tools replace manual methods of tracking with point of sale, electronic clocks or internet-based systems. With manual tracking methods, human error, audit costs and lost time can add up. An average small business can save 1-4% of their annual payroll costs simply by automating their time and attendance. Employees simply swipe an electronic badge, type their “pin” or scan their hand or fingerprint into the clock terminal recording start and end times of their work. They also can use one of our advanced web-based time tools that they can access from their desktops. The data captured can then easily be approved and submitted for payroll processing.

  • A variety of data collection options: The Enterprise solution works with many time and attendance data collection methods, including web-based, phone, badge and biometric collection points
  • Seamless payroll integration: With Enterprise, time and attendance data automatically interfaces with the payroll system, eliminating data entry and improving accuracy
  • Customizable rules and policies: Envoy enables you to easily manage complex rules for multiple locations and employee groups, including grace periods and multiple rates
  • Secure processing: The Enterprise solution provides multiple security levels so you can identify administrators while safeguarding highly sensitive data
  • PTO, overtime and tardiness management: Enterprise provides a way to approve, reject or amend entries quickly and easily; it also automatically calculates PTO accruals and allows employee review
  • Customized solutions for single or multiple locations
  • An end-to-end solution from punch-in to payroll
  • Management Reports
  • Time and Attendance reports
  • Payroll reports
  • Human Resource Reports
  • Labor Cost Reports
  • Accrual/Banking Reports
  • Schedule reports

Web G/L Interface

Seamlessly post payroll information to your QuickBooks, Sage 100 and Sage 50 accounting package. Accessed via Online Employer, you, or your accountant, now have a convenient online capability to post payroll data. Save time, reduce errors and have more flexibility with the General Ledger.

Benefits of Online Employer G/L

  • Flexible solution to chart total net pay or each paycheck.
  • Distribute payroll expenses to multiple accounts.
  • Improves accuracy – no duplicate data entry.
  • Direct online access by their accountant or auditor.
  • New file received with every payroll.
  • No third-party involvement to apply payroll data to the General Ledger.

A G/L Interface Made Simple!

Wizards guide you through a one-time set up to map their payroll to G/L accounts. This will determine how payroll is applied to the General Ledger for accounting purposes-whether they post net payroll as a lump sum or send payroll information for each check number to individual accounts. You can even post earnings, taxes and deductions to multiple accounts. Once you’ve set up the chart of accounts, the profile is saved along with payroll information. After each payroll, a file will be instantly generated that can be apply directly to the General Ledger.


  • Upload a G/L enrollment file to the web for client/accountant mapping to the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.
  • First time in, allow a client/accountant to map or join each pay category with a QuickBooks G/L account and save.
  • Each payroll run, Enterprise will automatically create and upload a .csv file with employee net detail and write this data to an SQL database.
  • Once a month, or for each payroll run, allow a client/accountant to access Online Employer, view the summary totals, review their mapping and auto post to QuickBooks accounts via a single General Journal transaction with multiple distributions.
  • Post cash by either summary amount or by check.
  • View/print five different reports on the web site.
  • Bill clients in Enterprise for Web G/L by pay run if you wish.
  • View mapped old pay run totals previously posted to QuickBooks.
  • Allow for the building of QuickBooks .IIF import files for older versions of QuickBooks.

Direct Deposit

If you’ve ever run to the bank to deposit a paycheck, or waited for a check to clear, you understand the power of Direct Deposit. On payday your employees know their money is instantly available. As an employer you can reconcile your payroll account the same day, without waiting for checks to clear.

With Direct Deposit, employees designate the accounts in which they want their pay deposited. Then, each period’s pay is automatically deposited into their choice of multiple checking, savings, or retirement accounts. Employees receive a pay voucher showing the amounts deposited, and you receive a detail of transactions each pay period.Benefits Include

  • Employees know their money is in the bank every payday
  • Off-site employees are guaranteed timely access to their pay
  • No need for rush payroll deliveries and costly mail charges
  • Improved security with no lost checks
  • Clears all funds automatically on payday for same-day reconciliation
  • No check signing
  • Use with payroll cards for a 100% electronic solution

New Hire Reporting

Many states use the hiring process as a means to update their files with regard to child support payments and garnishments. As a result when you hire a new employee state law often requires prompt filing of new hire data. At Enterprise, regardless of the number of states in which you operate we can take the worry off your hands.

Enterprise’s New Hire Reporting process ensures that your newly hired employees are reported to the appropriate state agencies. Your staff is relieved of the burden of responding to state inquiries, or maintaining employee historical information. A wise choice to make!


Wage Garnishment Processing

Statistics reveal that for most small businesses, 25% of their employees have some type of wage garnishment. Yet, many small businesses are unable to manage the process in a simple, cost effective manner. In fact, when done in-house, the process can cost up to $10 per garnishment. Enterprise offers a Wage Garnishment Service to relieve your staff of managing and calculating complex garnishments for child support payments, tax levies, bankruptcies, and liens.


  • Automated system of checks and balances
  • Eliminates need for manual calculations and payments
  • Prioritizes multiple garnishments
  • Schedules payments according to court orders
  • Prepares reports that document all activity
  • Remains current with existing laws and regulations

Dedicated Service Representative

Receive crucial support from a U.S. based dedicated service representative who will serve as your single point of contact for Enterprise. Your service representative is an expert who will get to know your unique needs and work with you to ensure you get the most from the many advantages Enterprise offers. Our personal service is what sets us apart from competitors.

Remote Printback

Remote printback lets you electronically access reports and check stubs within minutes after processing your payroll. Receive your files instantaneously to view and print your current pay period checks, vouchers and reports along with your previous pay period data.

Remote printback enables you to:

  • Quickly access reports and checks
  • Print your payroll checks on your compatible laser printer
  • Provide your accountant with internet access to your payroll reports
  • Review prior payroll reports anytime

Benefits Include

  • Employees know their money is in the bank every payday
  • Off-site employees are guaranteed timely access to their pay
  • No need for rush payroll deliveries and costly mail charges
  • Improved security with no lost checks
  • Clears all funds automatically on payday for same-day reconciliation
  • No check signing
  • Use with payroll cards and/or direct deposit for a 100% electronic solution

Workers Compensation Plans

The Way To Pay For Workers Compensation!

Managing a small business cash flow is a top priority for any small business owner, and with Enterprises’s Workers Compensation plans offered through The Hartford, you’ll have a new tool to improve your cash flow and better manage your expenses. This convenient payment program offers insurance premiums to be paid on a per-payroll basis.

It eliminates any upfront deposits, and it helps avoid any year-end audit surprises, since premiums are based on actual payroll rather than on estimates.

With Enterprise, you receive high-quality workers’ compensation coverage from one of the nation’s leaders, The Hartford. Their licensed consultants are knowledgeable about your state’s insurance requirements and they can tailor a policy to your specific business needs.


  • No large up-front deposit premiums
  • No large year-end audit surprises
  • No finance charges
  • Enhanced cash flow
  • Competitive insurance rates
  • Responsive service from knowledgeable experts
  • 24-hour toll free customer service
  • A cost containment program

Screening & Background Checks

A Hiring Advantage

In a marketplace where 7% of the workforce may have a criminal conviction, where 37% may have falsified their educational experience, and where 30% may have lied about their previous employment, information about potential employees must be validated.

Enterprise’s employment screening partner is a national leader in the field. We offer a web-based solution that is designed to take the hassle out of the hiring process.

You’ll feel more secure knowing that our product avoids a trap of many competing products that impart on their users serious legal liability. Many screening products on today’s market only perform a national database search, which opens the door for an inaccurate report if the subject committed a crime or misdemeanor in a local jurisdiction that doesn’t report to a national database. Enterprise’s Employment Screening solution eliminates this negative exposure by physically sending a representative to the courthouse in the subject’s community to have the pertinent records reviewed.

You can select from a complete range of advanced, tailor-made searches based upon specific employee profiles such as driver, money handler or general services. It’s simple and fast. Best of all, searches begin at less than fifty dollars.

Services Include:

  • ApplicantScreen Web ordering and results tools
  • Business verification and site inspection to protect against identity theft
  • Tax consulting review for federal location-based tax credit eligibility
  • Subscription to the Screening Advantage monthly newsletter
  • FCRA information, compliance support and documents
  • Information on developing a drug-free workplace policy
  • Special pricing for existing drug and alcohol policy review

The Partners In Payroll Story

Partners In Payroll employs a next generation approach and is powered by Sage, a national leader in the accounting industry. Our technology is used to serve the payroll and technology needs of over 150,000 businesses and nearly 2 million employees nationwide.

Enterprise is a fast moving versatile company that focuses on customer service and technical support. Enterprise has made significant upfront investments in training and technology, so that you can be confident that your company’s payroll will be prepared in an accurate, timely and professional manner.

Enterprise offers clients something that has been distinctly lacking from the payroll world to date. We believe that companies of all sizes should be empowered with the ability to leverage a world class suite of business process outsourcing tools. From eliminating the hassle associated with payroll, record keeping and tax-filing issues, to providing tools for retaining and rewarding employees, we believe Enterprise Payroll is simply a better choice. As you get to know us, we think that you will agree that choosing Enterprise will make your payroll process more efficient and cost-effective.

General Ledger Integration

Seamlessly post payroll information to your QuickBooks, Sage 50 or Sage 100 accounting package. Accessed via Enterprise Online Payroll, you, or your accountant, now have a convenient online capability to post payroll data. Save time, reduce errors and have more flexibility with the General Ledger Interface.