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About Us

Our Story:

Small lodging & hospitality business owner / operators are suffering. Worse yet, there is no one they can to turn to for help. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves: Does anyone out there care about me or my business? Does anyone see me struggling? Does anybody really care enough to truly help me and help me in the right way?

Most small businesses are broken, they don’t work, the small business owner works. They don’t own a business, they own a job, the business owns them. This is why we specialize in helping lodging & hospitality operations with their payroll needs.

That’s why Partners In Payroll was created. We provide concierge level of service and communications. We come to your doorstep and help you survive and then eventually achieve success. We have the systems, skills and knowledge to help you through every challenge you are facing. The proper payroll strategy is the single biggest talent retention tool you can develop in your small business operation, let us help.

Why Choose Partners In Payroll:

  • We have been in business over 14 years now
  • Our reports are simple and easy to understand with just the important information needed
  • Job costing or departmental breakdown of payroll expense and payroll tax expense are a breeze with our detailed reports
  • We get your hours and give you paychecks and an accounting entry
  • We breakdown to departments and even jobs for job costing, your accountant will love us!
  • We are just like you, we are a small, local business
  • Details are our passion.  (The devil is in the details!)
  • We understand what it is like to start a business from scratch
  • We do not send out young sales people, right out of college, selling to make a quota
  • We know what the difference between a Simple 401(k) and a Traditional 401(k) is
  • We love what we do. 
  • We are good at what we do. 
  • Ask our clients

William Bilo, Jr.

Founder & Entrepreneur

Enjoying rare vacation time with his family in Ocean City, MD.

Founder and Entrepreneur, William Bilo, Jr., has a dream: to transform the lives of small business owners worldwide, one day at at time, one great result at a time, one client at a time. It began many years ago, almost two decades and still counting to be exact. Bill has suffered and struggled as a small business man himself. Being in the payroll industry, he realized that he was not alone, he was not the only one with this plaguing issue. Then an idea, a desire, a personal calling from God was realized. It was to help other suffering and struggling small business owners just like himself.