Your Payroll Concierge:

Concierge Level of Service & Communications


We have a Promise!  It is to be the best payroll processing service in the United States of America.

Who is important to us? Entrepreneurs who hire one to fifty (1-50) people.

Why are they important to us?  Because they invest their own money to give other people in their community an opportunity to better themselves and to give them a livelihood.

What’s missing in this picture? The big boys & the small accountants in this industry do not provide the market with the following things:

  • Total Client Confidentiality: We don’t advertise who are clients are to anyone ever!  Especially your payroll information, what’s your privacy worth?
  • Better Cash Flow Management: We smooth out all your payroll related cash outflows with tools such as:
    • Workers Comp Pay-As-You-Go: Complete impounding, depositing and reporting of all wages and insurance premiums due to carrier.
    • Total Tax Impounding: Complete impounding, depositing and reporting of all federal, state and local taxes.
  • 100 Percent Transparent; All-Inclusive Pricing: You only pay us to process your payroll, all up front when payroll is processed without being charged out the back door.
  • Simple But Meaningful Reports: Journal entry captures all aspects of the payroll transaction. We provide a check register, departmental and job allocation for costing. Uploaded to Your Secure Online Gateway immediately after processing, easy to access and understand in real time.
  • Full-Service Payroll Processor: We do everything payroll; from time sheets to paychecks to tax returns to workers compensation audits. Also including:
    • Customized One-On-One Service: We don’t treat you like a number. Every detail to our service is completely critiqued to your desire.
    • Direct Deposit: We provide our own vertically integrated ACH processing service to insure 100% success of fund transfers.  Offering one & two day processing periods.
    •  Payroll Deductions: You name it; we’ll do it and report it for you.
    •  PTO Tracking: Holiday, vacation, sick, bereavement, just to name a few.
    •  Enterprise Set-Up Services: With respects to your business’s payroll.